Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Power Failure

I secretly dislike electricity, sure it's nice & all, but today the power was out for about 2 hours. I stayed home from work since I don't have a set schedule and Steve said the roads were treacherous. So I was checking emails, watching bad TV and then blip-blip no power, so no internet, not tv, no noise. It was rather peaceful, and since I had nothing much to do, I took a nice little nap. I was plenty warm w/ 3 dogs snuggled up with me on the couch. It was great, until Nikki brought me a toy and shoved it by my face. She was done napping. But the power outage was a nice chance to listen and to just be. Nothing was distracting me, I couldn't do the things on my to-do list!

The ice was pretty, but rain was puddling up in the ice/sleet in front of the garage, so I put on my rubber boots and went outside to make a path for the water to drain off. Then I was less than thrilled with the ice storm. Luckily the building wasn't flooding, but I prepped for the potential by pulling back some mats. Interesting day, hopefully Steve makes it home from work. In the meantime I get to entertain myself by watching the dogs scurry out of the house and then go skidding across the ice. That's just good fun!

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