Saturday, October 17, 2009

The best laid plans...

What a day, I'm not sure why today's flyball tournament was rather um, disappointing. The errors were all over the place. I try to put together lineups that can really get clicking, but only 1 of the lineups really rocked consistently all day. Which leaves me disappointed with the lineups I put together. We had such totally random things happen it's hard to pinpoint a particular issue to try to fix or swap dogs. I wonder if we just needed today to shake things out, or do we just need more alcohol. Probably more alcohol.
On the bright side I was thrilled with Bridget's performance, she was rocking last night with some 4.6's and 4.7's, and today she ran very strong all day in start position. I wish I knew why small squishy balls are the current cure for her box confidence issues, but thankful that it's working. Also happy she's finally lost weight...a difficult thing to accomplish when she's constantly sneaking food. La la, the best intentions to get your dog trim and in shape are easier said that done. I wonder why the sneaky rat hasn't figured out how to counter surf. Jester's certainly showed her how it's done. Jester didn't run a ton, but he's happy to be out there. It's hard to remember what a complete nut he once was. Time flies for sure. I hope to share a champagne toast to all the canine friends we've lost this past year. Some really great dogs have passed through our lives. Sammy, Ellie, Ruby, Arrow, Amber, such characters. The old dogs remind me of all the fun days of doing flyball. I really miss traveling for tournaments, I don't know that we'll ever do that again. I'm not sure how we lost nearly all interest in traveling, granted money, family, jobs, gas prices etc interfere greatly with that, but I think I'm the only team member who really wants to do lots more flyball. I guess I will have to focus more on agility and savor my memories of flyball days gone by. Ah well, as with all my good intentions, I must actually make sure I follow through on training the pups & reworking Bridget's contacts instead of just blogging about it.